Effects of Coffee on Digestive system


a universal beverage for hospitality, is probably the most popular stimulant used by the people of fast paced society. Has anyone wondered what it does after it is gulped. What are it effects on the system once it goes below the throat? This article gives the latest information on the effects of coffee on digestive system.

Here are few effects of coffee on digestion:

Coffee contains oils, acids and caffeine that potentially

harm the stomach

by irritating the stomach lining. To overcome the irritation the stomach produces excessive hydrochloric acid. This leads to array of digestive ailments. Some of the ailments include:

acidity, stomach pain

due to inflammation and

stomach ulcers.

There are several after effects of the above condition. As the stomach keeps on producing the excess hydrochloric acid, its ability to produce HCL diminishes with time. As a result there is shortage of acid and digestive enzymes in the stomach. It creates further problems in digestion in the small intestine.

There is cumulative effect and the person needs to take medicines to replace the acids and digestive enzymes.

Another harm that coffee does is: it tends to

increase stress hormones.

Stress hormones are very harmful for the digestive system. Excess of stress hormones can lead to stomach upsets by inhibiting the process of digestion.

Coffee sometimes acts as laxative. But this property of coffee can be good only if one suffers constipation. Laxative effect can harm digestion by driving out vital products of digestion that are yet to be absorbed by the intestines. Thus, coffee is not apprehended always.

Coffee can also act as diuretic. So the coffee increases the fluid flushing through the kidney. As a result there can be unwanted dehydration and the urgent need to replenish water. And everyone knows the importance of water in digestion and the result of insufficiency of water. Thus, coffee can lead to several uncalled-for digestive problems.

All this problems are NOT the exaggerated ones. It is better to avoid coffee altogether. If you are addicted then moderation is the best policy. The first step is to take coffee in regular timings and with in the safe amount. If you feel the withdrawal symptoms then you can get natural remedies to overcome the withdrawal symptoms.

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