Digestion Times

Digestion time varies from person to person. In healthy adults it usually lie between 24hrs-72hrs. It takes approximately 6-8hours for the food to pass through stomach and the small intestine. For further digestion food enters into large intestine and also for absorption of water. Undigested food is eliminated from the large intestine begins after twenty four hours. It takes several days to eliminate completely from the body.

According to some studies, milk is the most tedious food. Raw milk takes approximately six and a half hours to get out of stomach where as boiled milk takes five hours. Water requires forty-five minutes to get out of stomach. It requires 6hours to digest a meal containing cream, eggs, toast and, coffee. For a supper containing potatoes, pudding, chutney, beer and coffee takes forty seven hours. Usually it takes 3 A?-4 hours to digest an ordinary meal. Digestion delays if people suffer from headache and an emotional upset.

The following gives the digestion times of various food stuffs.

Sugar cane takes 1 A? hours to digest and soft boiled eggs take 2 A? hours.
Raw banana and raw egg takes 4 A?

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and 33 A? hours.
Six vegetable salads require 2 A? hrs.
Gooseberries take 3 A? hours and for hard boiled eggs 4 A? hours.
Raw milk and eggs take 4 A? hours.
Digestion time for boiled beef is 4 hours and for white bread is 3 A? hours.
Thin cream takes 3 A? hours for digestion.
Approximately 2 A? hours is required by the butter for digestion.

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