How to speed up digestion?

How to speed up digestion? This can be done by following some simple things. The digestion of speed should increase to not to gain weight or lose weight. Some people face digestion problems. This is due to some health conditions.

Always eat during day time. People go for walk and this enhances the digestion speed. Try avoid taking food during night as people go for sleep. This food cannot be digested because body movement will not be there. Always try to eat before 6pm. Have small meals than going for large ones. Throughout the day eat small meals and snacks.

Eat less food and go for soups. If you go for solids, chop them finely or grind them finely before it enters the stomach. Go for a walk after meals. Try to avoid sleeping or sitting after having meals. Drink hot tea, hot water or, green tea as this helps in pushing down the food and dilutes the food for digestion. Green tea speeds up the digestion process but its safe as it is natural. Workouts help in accelerating digestion.

Breakfast is very essential because body deprives for food during the night. Hence metabolism slows down. Cells function slow and less when they do not receive sufficient nutrients. They store more fat and use this during nutritional deprivation times. Avoid eating late nights, because this slows down metabolism in the noon and evenings. Metabolism slows down in people who are on diet or skipping meals.

When cells need energy, they start breaking down carbohydrates, fat and at last protein. Carbohydrates are converted into sugar called ai???glucoseai???, easily used as fuel by the body. Excess carbohydrates are stored as fat. Any fat that is eaten is again stored as fat. Regular exercises and proper diet burns those excess body fat and accelerates metabolism.

Metabolism accelerates in lean people if they over eat and it slows down in obese people when they go for diet. The key factor is balance of diet and exercise.

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