Sleepy after Eating

Feeling sleepy after eating is quite usual and many of us experience it often. We feel drowsy and tend to sleep after a heavy lunch. It intensifies the effect so much that we are unable to open our eyes completely. Some people assume this to be a health defect. The reasons why we will sleepy after eating are discussed below.

Reasons behind why we feel Sleepy after Eating

There are certain reasons that make us sleepy after eating. The reasons are:

  • The lunch usually consists of heavy foods that make the intestine full. During digestion process, much of the blood is directed towards the intestine. Since digestion takes more time, the brain receives less oxygen from the blood than the normal. Hence, this less active brain makes us feel fatigue and drowsy.
  • Stomach releases acids to aid the digestion process. These acids increase the pH of blood and make it alkaline. The alkaline blood can lead to drowsy feeling.
  • Foods rich in sugars and carbohydrates make a person to feel sleepy. These foods increase the sugar levels in blood. Increased levels of sugar activate insulin present in pancreas. Insulin now transfers a protein called tryptophan to the brain that gets converted into serotonin. This is a neurotransmitter which induces sleep.

How to stop Feeling Sleepy after Eating

Here are some tips that help to prevent the feeling of sleepiness after having heavy meals. The measures include:

  • Walking for few minutes after lunch is the best way to prevent drowsy feeling. Walking improves the blood flow in the body that further helps in limiting the insulin and blood sugar levels low. Hence you can be alert and awaken.
  • Consume foods that have more lean protein and low carbohydrate content.
  • Avoid foods that make you feel drowsy. Foods like desserts, sweets, pasta, potatoes, white rice should be cut down. They increase the insulin levels and thus serotonin levels are increased making you feel more sleepy.
  • Take a high protein diet for breakfast, light snacks for mid-morning and less food for lunch.
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    This helps you in maintaining a balance of food in the body without getting starved.

  • Do not take caffeine products. Many people assume that coffee can drive away the sleep. But this makes you to remain alert for only little time and again drives you into deep sleep.
  • Consume green tea than taking caffeine.

Sleepiness after eating can also accompany other symptoms such as gas, bloating, diarrhoea, dizziness, headache, etc. In such a condition, seek medical professional help immediately as it can be a symptom of some other disease condition.

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