Sleeping Positions for Better Stomach Digestion

According to the Mayo Clinic, one should refrain from eating two hours before going to bed. If you eat during this time then it should be very light. Eating before sleeping can cause problems in the stomach digestion. This is exhibited by regurgitation of the stomach acids and prevents you from resting comfortably due to heart burn. If you eat spicy and fatty foods then you experience heartburn caused due to improper stomach digestion that causes you to stay awake. This results in sleep disturbances and even if you eat then see that you sleep in the right position to avoid disturbances in the sleep.

Positions to Aid in Easy Digestion During the Night

Some of the sleep positions that helps in easy digestion during the night are as follows:

Head Elevation

  • According to Mayo Clinic Research centre, if you suffer from heart burn then you need to elevate the head by six to nine inches.
  • You can use pillows to lift your head during sleep or by inserting a wedge between the box springs and mattress.
  • This position uses the principle of gravity to reduce the discomfort and pain related with heart burn.
  • This prevents the stomach acids from flowing back to the oesophagus that is the food pipe that is the main cause of heart burn and prevents digestion.

Left Side-Lying Position

  • According to a research done by the Graduate Hospital in Philadelphia, it is said that sleeping on the left side could prevent heartburn in the night.
  • The same research has stated that sleeping on the right side increases the discomfort caused by heart burn.
  • If it is difficult to maintain this position then use a body pillow or wedge that can prevent you from turning over.

Face Down

  • According to the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, lying face down helps to aid in easy digestion during the nights.
  • They recommend lying on a prone position with a face down or a free fall position with the hands positioned above the pillow.

If you are still curious and confused about the sleeping position then do visit your doctor as he/she may discover the root of sleeping disorder and prescribe certain medications to treat digestion problems. You may need to make certain lifestyle changes that prevents the occurrence of such digestive problems in the future.

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