What Causes Nausea after Eating Food

The word nausea is an uneasy feeling along with an uncomfortable feeling in the upper stomach. Though there is an urge to vomit, but not all vomit. There are many causes or reasons for nausea and it could range from small stomach problems to any side effect of drugs. There are many people who have a nauseated feeling after eating. The reasons are different depending on people and some of them are listed below.

Causes of Nausea after Eating Food

Some of the causes of a nauseated feeling are as follows:

  • The most common cause is food poisoning and the sensation to vomit is due to the defence mechanism of the body that occurs against the food poisoning. It could be as a result of allergies, bacterial or viral infection or intolerance to any foods.
  • Food contamination due to different germs especially those foods contaminated with hepatitis a, salmonella, listeria, etc. If you have consumed foods like eggs, tuna, green leafy vegetables, etc and then suffer nausea it can be due to food contamination.
  • If you perform exercise immediately after a meal then it causes the stomach acids along with food to regurgitate as the stomach is full due to eating. Many people also suffer back pain along with nausea after eating. Thus, it is always best not to exercise after meals.
  • Food intolerance can also result in vomiting sensation. When a person does not tolerate certain foods then it is impossible for the body to digest the food. Thus, it is important that one should know the foods products that one is allergic to avoid further reaction like nausea.
  • If you do not chew the food or if you eat food very fast then also there are chances that you can suffer from nausea. Even if you eat big morsels of food there are chances of you suffering from constant nausea as it is difficult for the digestive system to digest food.
  • Sometimes many people consume fatty meals that again puts pressure on the digestive system resulting in nausea. Hence, it is better to keep fatty foods out of the diet to avoid the nauseous feeling.
  • Even in pregnancy a women can experience nausea which is usually in the first trimester due to hormonal changes.
  • There are certain drugs that can give rise to nausea like antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, chemotherapy drugs, etc. These cause irritation of the stomach lining which results in nausea.
  • Physiological or psychological causes can also cause frequent nausea, for example if a person suffers from any type of eating disorder.

The cause of nausea can be different and so, one needs to assess himself/herself to find out the cause of nausea after eating. One common remedy is to use acupressure for nausea after eating. If it does not reduce then consult a Health Care Professional.

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