Full Feeling in Stomach

Fullness in stomach might be caused due to several reasons like indigestion, gastritis, overeating, acid reflux disease, pregnancy, and constipation. Full feeling in stomach is a common problem and a person can suffer from loss of appetite that can result in weight loss. Here are some of the causes for full feeling in stomach.

Causes for Fullness in Stomach

Some of the common causes for the feeling of fullness in stomach are:

This is the most common reason for stomach fullness. Indigestion is caused due to eating wrong kind of foods like oily and spicy foods or overeating. Some of the symptoms of indigestion are belching, nausea, fullness in stomach and loss of appetite.

Acid Reflex Disease
If you have fullness of the stomach then you may also suffer from sore throat, heartburn, nausea, sour taste in the mouth and difficulty in swallowing. The stomach acid flows back into the throat in acid reflux disease. The main cause of this disease is the malfunction of the lower oesophageal sphincter. Even if you consume acidic foods at wrong time then it can also lead to this disease. The other symptom is fullness in stomach.

Gastroenteritis is a result of inflamed intestinal lining and stomach due to the presence of virus and bacteria. The common symptom is stomach fullness and the other signs and symptoms are vomiting, fever, nausea, blood in stools and stomach cramps.

The reason for constipation is the infrequent bowel movement, which can cause stomach fullness. When the wastes are not eliminated from the body then it leads to nausea, stomach bloating, headaches and fullness in stomach.

In women, stomach fullness can be a sign of pregnancy. This symptom can last throughout pregnancy in some cases. Other symptoms are stomach cramping, tiredness, headaches and heartburn.

These are some of the causes of full feeling in the stomach. You can prevent this by making certain changes in the dietary pattern.

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