Clear Mucus in Stool

Presence of

clear mucus in stool

could imply that something is wrong with the digestive system. Stools do contain small quantities of mucus. But sometimes, they become clearly visible to the naked eye which is not a normal pattern. Stools containing clear mucus can be the resultant of underlying conditions like bowel obstruction, anal fissure, Crohn’s disease et.

Clear Mucus in Stool:

Although it is the respiratory system that is known to produce mucus, the mucus membrane in the large intestine is also known to produce it.

  • Mucus is a jelly like substance that helps that plays the role of a lubricant allowing the smooth transportation of stools into the anus. It can be either whitish or yellowish in appearance with air trapped within.
  • This lubricating effect is only as long as the digestive system is working under normal conditions. Once the balance is upset, the mucus in the stool becomes apparent.

Conditions that Lead to an Apparent Mucus:

As we have seen above, mucus actually plays an important role in the digestive process. But there are conditions that can upset the balance of the digestive system. The presence of mucus in larger quantities in the stool is an indication of any of the following conditions.


Bacterial infection.


Our stomach as such contains friendly bacteria that aid in digestive processes while keeping the harmful bacteria under check. But there is every chance that the balance between the harmful and the friendly bacteria can be upset increasing the mucus content in the stool. The bacterial infections have to be treated quickly as they can persist for a long time.


Ulcertaive Colitis.


Ulcers can develop in the colon when the mucus membrane gets inflamed. The ulcers and the inflammation of the mucus membrane increases the mucus production that is passed out through the stool.




In diverticulitis, the large intestine or the colon develops a pouch. The presence of this pouch leads to the mucus production which is apparent in the stool.


Bowel obstruction.


Bowel obstruction can also lead to the passage of mucus apart from other problems like vomiting, abdominal cramps et.

Crohns’ disease, yeast infections, internal hemorrhoids and food intolerances also lead to mucus passage.

Presence of

clear mucus in stool

in a visible amount may not be a fatal symptom, but has to be treated nevertheless.

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