What are the top 5 Dos and Donts in Gastritis?


is a condition characterized by the inflammation and sometimes infection in the protective lining of the stomach. Due to certain hypersensitivities to food, bacterial infections or toxins, the lining of the stomach may get irritated, red and inflamed as a result. The

dos and donts in gastritis

would give one an idea as to the management of the disease apart from medications and therapies.

About 60 ai??i?? 70 million people suffer from digestion related diseases, the prime one being Gastritis.

75% people undergoing treatment for digestive problems continue to suffer from symptoms of gastritis.

Top 5 Dos and Donts in Gastritis

1.) Proper lifestyle choices

: Being overworked and overstressed are like extending a direct invitation to gastric problems. The body loses its ability to perform normal digestive functions and is often associated with increased production of stomach acids. Having 5 small easily digestible meals a day at proper intervals is a key to good digestive health. Avoiding foods one is hypersensitive to and with complex carbohydrate and proteins (difficult to be broken down) following a gastric attack would be a good idea.

Eating slowly without talking and chewing the food properly also improves digestion. It reduces intestinal gas as less air is swallowed during the eating process. Emotional eating too causes such disorders. So it is very important to fix any so called underlying reasons, be it psychological or emotional to make a complete recovery from the said condition.


2.) Regular exercise

: Any physical activity which helps you break into a sweat improves the process of metabolism and assimilation in the body. Breathing exercises and yoga can bring relief from bloating, flatulence and other symptoms of indigestion and intestinal gas.

3.) Abstinence from alcohol and smoking

: Avoiding alcohol and smoking is absolutely essential to recover from a gastric attack. Prolonged intake of these could cause irreparable damage to the gut.


4.) Medications

: Staying away from certain medications like acetaminophens, analgesics, ibuprofen, non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs is important in preventing gastritis. It is essential to ask oneai??i??s physician as to which other medications one could opt for in the given condition.

5.) Drinking water

-: A prerequisite in order to achieve a healthy digestive process is an efficiently hydrated body. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water every day is mandatory to prevent any gastric complications. Drinking 2-3 glasses of luke warm water first thing in the morning is said to help with regular bowel movements and relieve indigestion and flatulence.



: There are a lot of food items which go a long way in maintaining a healthy digestive tract. Probiotics are the friendly bacteria of the gut. They help in breaking down the food and making it easy for the body to digest it. Fermented milk products like yogurt contain the bacteria lactobacillus which is known to promote digestion. Caffeinated beverages like sodas, tea and coffee should be in taken in a controlled portion. Non glutenous grains, non citric fruits and vegetables, high fiber and lean protein meats are the best choices.

Keeping away from wheat, tomatoes, lemons, red meat etc is essential. Staying away from dairy is also recommended in gastritis. Anything hot and spicy like peppers, black pepper or red chili powder should be kept away from. These have a history of causing irritation in the gastric lining. Vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, beans are tougher on the gut and should be stayed away from. One of the best known herbs to treat gastritis is ginger. It heals the gastric lining and reduces inflammation. It reduces vomiting tendencies and is known for its anti microbial prowess.


a list of dos and donts in gastritis

can never substitute professional medical advice. In acute cases, only that can save the day.

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