Causes Of Abdominal Distention in Babies

Abdominal Distention

in babies is mainly manifested by a protruding abdomen. The swelling can be moderate or extreme. It could be associated with some serious ailments too. It is sometimes associated with increased abdominal pressure and volume. Passing excessive gas, belching, burping and hiccups are some of the symptoms associated with the presence of a swollen abdomen.

Causes of Abdominal Distention

  • Aerophagia

    : Aerophagia or excessive swelling of air during feeding can cause bloating and excess air retention in the abdomen.

  • Excessive Crying

    : Excessive crying can also cause the baby to gulp in a lot of air.

  • Constipation

    : Constipated babies suffer from increased intestinal gas and can have the abdomen swell up as a symptom.

  • Food Allergies

    : Intolerance to certain food proteins in breast milk or formula may cause the baby to show symptoms of indigestion, gas and a bulged out tummy. Traces of food proteins in the mothers diet can percolate into the baby’s system through breast milk and cause the said problem.

  • Hirschsprung Disease

    : It is a genetic disorder in which the nerve in the muscles of the stomach are not developed. Hence, the muscle contractions which causes the food to pass through the digestive system do not happen. Undigested food gets accumulated in the stomach. It is avery serious condition detected in infants and can cause swelling of the abdomen.

  • Ascites

    : It is the excess accumulation of fluids in the intracellular cavity of the the abdominal organs. It is caused by serious conditions like blood clots in the portal vein of the liver, heart failure and liver failure.

  • Fecal Impaction

    : It is a condition in which a lump of stool becomes stony hard and causes a blockage in the rectum. It is mostly seen in patients with chronic constipation.

  • Abdominal abscess

    : Infection from the appearance of pus filled mass in the abdomen or abdominal organs can cause the abdomen to stick out.

  • Gastroparesis

    : A disorder in the nerves of the stomach which reduces its ability to push the fecal wastes out of the body through the rectum and the anus. Feces gets accumulated in the large intestine and could onset a serious problem. Abdominal swelling is a symptom of the ailment.

Above are some of the common and serious reasons of

abdominal distention

. In infants, it is a sign which should not be ignored. A physician should be consulted in order to rule out the more serious reasons of the symptoms.

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